Rollins Blair Kids 2003

Here are some photos taken during the first few months of 2003.

Maya is 7.

Jodie is 5.

On Foot

Jodie: We were taking a walk with Gabby.

Maya: It was raining, and Jodie got her picture taken. But when she got her picture taken, I don't think it was raining, because she had her blue hat on. But when we took a walk, it was raining.

Maya: I was standing outside, and it was really raining. And Jodie thought I was so funny because I like all my buttons buttoned, even when it's choking me.

Jodie: Maya was just standing there.

Jodie: I was swinging on the swing with Daddy and we were having fun. Then, I walked on the side of the wall. Then we got down, then I said, "Daddy I'm done," and I stopped and I played on the ground with Maya and Claire.

Maya: Jodie was swinging on the swing while I was playing, making cakes with Claire.

Maya: We were at the park playing. I was playing with Claire, and pretending that we're making cakes. We were visiting all the friends from the beach house, but we weren't going to the beach house; we were just going to have a picnic at the park.

Jodie: We went to the playhouse. Me and Maya played in the playhouse with Claire.

Jodie: I was playing soccer when Maya was playing in the playhouse because I was done. And then we saw a gopher. It built a tiny hole so it could go away under the ground.


Maya: I think this was the first day I learned how to ride my bike. I could ride my bike really well, and I was proud of myself, and Mommy and Daddy helped. Mommy said I could ride all the way up to Chase's house. He is our new neighbor. He's five.

Jodie: I was riding my scooter while we were taking Gabby for a walk.

Maya: Jodie was riding her scooter on a sunny day.

Maya: I was still kind of wobbly on the bike, because it was my first day. And a couple of days later, Jodie got a new scooter.

Jodie: Maya just learned to ride her bike, her two-wheeler. Mommy and Daddy helped her. And I can ride a trike and a scooter. Maya said she wanted to give her scooter to me, but Mommy wouldn't let her because Mommy saw other kids, big kids, playing with their scooters a lot. So Mommy said, "No, Maya, I want you to keep it." And Maya said OK, and she was a little disappointed, I think, because she wanted to give it to me. She wasn't really disappointed, but she was really wanting to give it to me.

Hangin' Out

Jodie: Mommy taked pictures of Baby and me. And Maya got her picture taken with her baby and her.

Jodie's baby (this is the doll talking, in a high voice): Baby and Jodie get our picture taken because Mommy took our picture and then Maya got her picture taken. And Maya's baby and Maya. And then Mommy took Jodie's picture and Baby's picture. (baby giggles after she dictates this)

Maya's baby (the doll talking): Aunt Jodie was going to have a picture with her baby. And the picture only showed some of Mama. That's all.

Maya's baby (the doll talking): We were outside, and it was cold, I think. And Grandma took my picture. That's all.

Lynn: The girls love their Bitty Baby dolls. They take them everywhere. The dolls have personalities, feelings, likes, and dislikes. After years of being called Baby, Maya's doll finally has a name: Katelyn. Jodie's is still called, wait, she is calling the doll Willy because we watched the movie Free Willy. For the girls' birthdays in February, we got these pink dresses for their dolls.

Maya: I taped my hands. Then Mommy took my picture.

Jodie: Maya taped her hands. And Mommy took a picture. Because she taped her hands with a lot of tape. She taped all of her hands. Then she taked it off and all of her hands were red. And Maya likes chapter books.

Jodie's baby (the doll talking): We were upstairs when Maya taped her hands. I call Mommy Grandma and Daddy Grandpa and Maya Aunt Maya. The end. Love, Jodie.

Maya: I was making pudding. We had to stir it and stir it and stir it or the pudding would get ruined because we put milk in it and it was really hot. We cooked chocolate and vanilla. When we did the chocolate, it was hard to stir it because it was going to slop out of the pan because the pan was too small.

Jodie: Maya was cooking a cake. And she really had to stir it because she put milk in there. The end. Love, Jodie.

Jodie: I just got my glasses and I was cute for the first day and Maya was begging, begging, begging that I looked so cute, and then she stopped begging. I had my glasses and it was just the first day. They help me look at the clock downstairs because I didn't know what it looked like. I said, "Is it seven?" I kept complaining that I couldn't see. The doctor said I need glasses and I had to wait ten days to get them. And Daddy got new glasses like me! But it wasn't the same day. It was a different day. Love, Jodie. Love, Daddy.

Maya: The first day Jodie got glasses, she wore them. And they are dark brown. She looked really cute right away when she put them on.

Jodie: I was playing in the playhouse in Mikki and Dylan's living room and I was having fun.

Maya: Jodie was at Mikki's house and she was playing in the playhouse.

Day Is Done

Lynn: We can't resist taking photos of the girls while they are sleeping. We all sleep together in a king sized bed (from left to right: Daddy, Maya, Mommy, Jodie, and a side rail). The kids go to bed before we do, and they are adorable when they sleep. What a sweet feeling it is to see them cuddle up together.

When the girls go to sleep, Mommy is with them, between them. But after Mommy takes a short nap and gets up, the girls move toward each other (in their sleep), and cuddle until Mommy and Daddy come to bed.

Both girls sleep like logs (believe me, this did not come naturally). Here Jodie is sleeping soundly.

When Maya see pictures of herself sleeping, she can't believe that she stayed asleep while we took her picture. Sometimes I am actually standing on the bed while I take the photos!

Maya cracked us up one night when we found her asleep with her arms folded over her chest and her legs crossed. She really was asleep! After we told her about this, though, she tried to trick us a couple of times by pretending that she was sleeping in a weird position. That little rascal! (Our neighbors inform us that these tricks continue into the teenage years.)

Christmas 2002 with Mikki and Dylan

Maya: Mikki and me and Jodie were getting pictures, and they were trying to get Dylan in there too, but he didn't want to. He would stand next to me and then just go off into his room. But Mommy took lots of pictures of me and Mikki and Jodie.

Jodie: Mikki and Maya and Jodie. Mommy taked a picture of me and Maya and Mikki. We comed over to their house.

Maya: I think we were saying Merry Christmas when Mommy took that picture.

Jodie: Me and Maya and Mikki are goofing off.

Maya: Dylan didn't want Mommy to take his picture, and he was saying, "Don't take my picture!" But Mommy took it anyway because we don't have very many pictures of Dylan, and he would only let Mommy take his picture when he was on his trike.

Jodie: Dylan yelled, "Don't take my picture!" And Mommy took it anyway because she wanted a picture of him.

Maya: Mikki was in the slide, and Mommy took her picture, and she was holding her baby. We had fun on Christmas day with Mikki. We went over to Mikki's house. Mikki's Grandma was there. And Grandpa and Grandma were there. My bed is there. Grandpa is coming (for Memorial Day), and Aunt Pickle wants my bed to stay at their house, because their Grandma wanted to sleep in it, they took naps in it, they thought it was more comfy than their bed. Mikki even took naps in it. They wanted to give me their flowered sheets because I let them borrow my bed for a long, long time. Now I'm thinking about sleeping in it; that's why I want it back.

Jodie: We had really fun on Christmas. Mikki was playing on the slide. The end. Love, Jodie. And Love, Daddy.

Maya: Dylan was playing with my van that Jodie gave me for Christmas. She gave it to me because I really wanted it.

Jodie: Dylan was playing with Maya's van because she brung it.

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